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Pole Fitness & Dance

Pole dance and fitness includes static and spinning pole, as well as choreography, floor work, acro pole, and more!. Classes range from one to three hours depending on number of students and ability level.

Available Classes

Static Pole

Static pole is great for really getting a grip on beautiful postures and to work on transitions for flawless sequences where you constantly find shapes while moving!

Beginner: learn different variations of spins that fit together, as well as classic invert postures such as inside leg hang/scorpio), outside leg hang/gemini), allegra, ayesha, jade, and more!

Intermediate: fit different poses and sequences together while continually moving on the pole! Learn drops, throws, combinations, and climbs, such as brass monkey, handsprings, shoulder mount and inverted shoulder mount, and more!
Advanced: for students who can invert easily, learn advanced poses like Russian split, as well as spins like phoenix (flare into handspring), as well as hands-free drops, and more!

Spin Pole

Love twirling on the pole? Yes! Learn ways to harness the momentum of spin pole to create beautiful shapes and sequences!

Beginner: learn the basics to climbing and inverting using the spin to help you lift your body, including flares and fan kicks!

Intermediate: for students who have a grasp of pole or spin pole, students will learn how to add on to flares and basic poses and continue moving into additional sequences, such as inside to inside leg hangs and flare shoulder mount lifts.

Advanced: for students who are working on advanced spin pole, work on ways to continue spinning at top speeds even while going through open positions, such as superman to shoulder mounts and how to continue the "flare" through your sequences!


Play with burlesque on the pole! Learn sexy moves with or without heels and how to add the sensual pizzazz to your pole routines! For students will heels, learn how to make clean lines with your heels and make your legs look longer!

Beginner: learn how to work with your heels on and off the pole, as well as transitions to and from the pole that don't look "clunky." Find sensuality in your basic poses and learn what to do with your hands!

Intermediate/advanced: for students comfortable climbing and inverting, learning how to move with the pole on static and spin with that sensual movement, learning choreography, tips, and tricks to extending your line and adding that "look" that makes you stand out!

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Specialty Workshops


Handsprings?! Need a little tweaking or a little help getting into those handsprings? Take a workshop that focuses on different techniques for your handsprings! Learn different entrances such as regular and twisted grip, jumping in and from invert, as well as tips and tricks that can help your handspring dreams come true!

Invert Me

Getting that perfect invert isn't always easy! This workshop focuses on different ways to help students come into their inversion practice, from different entrances, like jumping into crucifix or outside leg hang, to hands-free inversions and dead lifted inversions, to discussing different hand grips and positions, as well as exercises to help you find your inversion. 

Beginner: learn the basics of inverting from the floor, jumping into inverted positions, as well as tricks to get into a clean inversion posture.

Intermediate/advanced: learn intermediate and advanced techniques for inverting, such as hands-free inversions from the floor and dead lifted inversions from climbs on both static and spinning! So much inversion love!

Dancing & Floorwork for Pole

Need help working on your floor choreography? Or transitioning from pole to floor, floor to pole, or pole to pole? This class is great to help you find ways that are creative and beautiful and that work on your dancing abilities.

Beginner: basic transitions from pole to floor and floor to pole, as well as floor work that includes rolls such as back shoulder rolls, sexy log rolls, and rolling transitions, headstands and headstand transitions, and ways to make your flexibility look better than it is! Learn how to get on and off the pole gracefully!

Intermediate/advanced: learn intermediate and advanced floor moves such as straddle swing throughs, handstands, swim throughs, cartwheel variations, pirouettes with and without the pole, and transition movements that make an act and routine really come together!

Acro Pole

Acro pole is a great way to convert gymnastics skills to the pole. This class is a great way to learn acrobatic moves that will eventually help with dynamic pole work.

Beginner: basic gymnastics skills such headstand, forearm stand, and handstands against the pole, as well as ways to use these skills as transitions from the floor to pole and vice versa.

Intermediate/advanced: learn intermediate and advanced gymnastics moves such as pole cartwheels, front and backward walkovers using the pole in a variety of ways, saltos, and more!

Pole Doubles

Practice with a partner! Learn how to work with someone on a single pole as either base/flyer or partner style (similar sizing). Partner work is great for students who want to sharpen their skills and continue to work with momentum, while making beautiful shapes!

Learning to Choreography

Have you been interested in learning to choreograph yourself? This workshop is a great introduction for students on their own or working with a studio! In this workshop, we start with styles and music that are familiar to the class and work from the lyrics to find emotion, movement that shows this emotion, and then transitions that connect these movements to tell a story. Choreographing can be tricky when you first start and there are so many methods that can help make choreographing fun, exciting, and creativity-inspiring. For all levels!

Note: in Mel's undergraduate psychology degree, Mel spent a full year studying psychology in dance, including how to elicit certain emotions or feelings from the audience, such as fear, happiness, anger, creepiness, sensuality, and so much more based on small body changes, music, and movement relative to music, in addition to learning how to make movements look smaller and bigger based on starting and ending positions.

Men's Pole Fitness

Are you a man who wants to learn some awesome pole moves? Check out men's pole fitness workshop! Learn classic pole poses like flag, iron-X, shoulder mount, front planche, back planche, and more! Pole fitness isn't just for the ladies or for dance, but can be a great way to gain strength and endurance!

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