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Workshops and Classes

Workshops and classes are available for studio or private hire worldwide!

Insured for public liability insurance up to 10 million GBP through Equity (certificate available upon request.).

Workshops and classes are available in the following areas:

Partner acrobatic classes are available in


Acro (acro yoga/L-basing styled) 

Thai acro therapeutics 

Standing acrobatics

Hand to hand (beginner and intermediate)

Group acrobatics (e.g. pyramids and trios) 

Basket tossing/banquine

Quad stunting (cheerleading styled with two to four bases) 

For single acrobatic classes - see Circus

Dance classes are available in





Hip Hop


Musical theatre


Dance acrobatics/gymnastics

Pas de deux

Circus classes are available in

Tumbling (e.g. cartwheels, walkovers, handsprings, saltos) 

Inversions (e.g. headstands, forearm stands, handstands)

Hand balancing 

Back bending and strength 

Flexibility (e.g. exercises to become more flexible) 

Contortion (e.g. shapes and sequences)

Core work


For information on private classes click here.

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Aerial classes are available from beginner to advanced in


Aerial silks (fabric)

Rope (corde lisse)

Aerial hoop (lyra)

Trapeze (static or dance)

Doubles trapeze

Doubles hoop

Doubles rope

Doubles silks

And more!

For aerial yoga - see Yoga

Pole fitness and dance classes are available in

Spinning pole (beginner, intermediate, advanced) 

Static pole (beginner, intermediate, advanced)

Dancing and floorwork for pole 

Acro pole

Handspring workshop

Inversions workshop


Men's pole fitness

Yoga classes are available in

Ashtanga (Astanga primary series - beginner, intermediate, advanced) 

Rocket (beginner, intermediate, advanced)

Vinyasa (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) 

Aerial (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) 


Inversion workshops (crow pose, headstands, forearm stands, handstands)

Back bending workshops

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