Performance Booking Information

For performance booking, please send your booking request to with the following information:

When and where is this event(s) set to take place?


Is this an indoor or outdoor event?


What type of performance or apparatus are you looking for?



Do you require a stand-alone rig?


Yes – the rig is 6.5 meters or 21 feet high and requires 9.1 square meters or 30 square feet of space to be put up. ***It is the responsibility of hiring company to measure the space accurately.


No – the rigging point must be certified by a rigger for insurance purposes


Aerial (silks or rope)

 Minimum height requirement is 6 meters or 20 feet


Aerial (trapeze or hoop)

Minimum height requirement is 4 meters or 13 feet


Aerial doubles trapeze (male/female)

Minimum height requirement is 6 meters or 20 feet



Stage floor is recommended but not required


Pole dance (chrome or silicone)

Do you require a portable pole stage?


Yes – the pole stage is 3.5 meters or 12 feet high. ***It is the responsibility of the hiring company to measure space accurately.


No – do you have a pole currently available? If so, what type and height?


Chrome pole is a metal pole that requires stomach, arms, and legs to be shown, costume is similar to a bathing suit bikini


Silicone pole is a rubber pole that requires full clothing, tights, and long sleeve body suit


Dance (jazz, hip hop, lyrical, contemporary, modern, musical theatre)

Stage floor is recommended but not required


Adagio (male/female)

Minimum space requirement is 6 square meters or 20 square feet


What type of style are you looking for?







Other – birthday parties, wedding parties, flash mobs, etc.